Made on a Mac

Touch here to pause the



Touch here to mute the sound effects


Bars show how much of the current level is complete


The current level number.

Clock Indicates time left in a bonus level.


Game piece with a three times bonus


Your current score.


Playing Gaia

The object of the game is to earn as many points as you can by linking game pieces in large blocks. Touch blocks to eliminate them and earn points. Points are scored according to the size of the blocks that are eliminated. When game pieces are eliminated, new pieces slide in to take their place. Tilt and rotate the iPhone to make pieces slide in from a direction that is most advantageous to building your next large block. Hazards will get in the way of building blocks. Toxin hazards and Biohazards can be dropped off of the bottom. Radiation Hazards are immovable and will be removed when the level is complete. Remove all pieces on a level to get a bonus. Score big with timed bonus rounds after every fifth level.


Press here to play a new Game


Press here to view high scores


If flashing, press here to resume an automatically saved game


Toxins: Get them to drop off of the bottom of the screen.


Biohazards: Don’t give them room to reproduce. Drop ‘em like toxins.


Radiation: It is immoveable. Outlast it to the next level.